Dentalclub II / 8.7.2014

OOS designs the second dentalclub in Steinhausen link Project "Dentalclub II"

Publication of project "Wissensbörse" in the special edition "Das Büro" of magazine TEC21 / 1.7.2014

There was a special edition enclosed to TEC21 Nr. 23 with the topic of office environment. Therein the project "Wissenbörse" is represented and described with the title "Ein Hoch auf die Piazzetta!". link Project "Wissenbörse"

CO-WORK-SPACE / 5.5.2014

OOS draws up a concept of a coworking office environment on the second floor of the office building Pestalozzi+CO

VBZ bus garages Hardau / 28.4.2014

OOS wins the second place of the planner selection procedure for overhaul and extension of VBZ bus garages Hardau.

OOS is again partner of the PropertyCom 2014 / 13.3.2014

Publication of project "Claudia - House of Sounds" in magazine "Werk, bauen und wohnen" / 28.2.2014

In the edition of Werk, bauen und wohnen 2014/1-2 the project "Claudia - House of Sounds" is represented and described with the title "Musik als Magnet". link Project "Claudia - House of Sounds"
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