OOS manages to square the circle with a movable installation in space at the exhibition Architektur0.16 (28.10.-10.30.2016) / 27.10.2016

The new cardiac rehabilitation of HGK, which OOS developed in collaboration with Kühne Real Estate, was opened and successfully put into operation / 25.9.2016

OOS developed in collaboration with Kühne Real Estate the new premises for cardiac rehabilitation of HGK / 31.1.2016

OOS in the BIM Arena at Swissbau / 11.1.2016

Anna Pal (Associate OOS) represent the subject BIM Management as a specialist in the BIM Arena at Swissbau. OOS shows methods adn tools of BIM Management and answers questions about it. link BIM-Arena

OOS takes part in the architecture 0.15 show / 28.10.2015

LAB OOS – 31 October to 03 November 2015, Maag Halle, Zürich link http://architektur-schweiz.ch/

OOS lectures at BIM-Forum by SIA Zurich / 11.9.2015

Andreas Derrer (Founding-Partner of OOS) gave a lecture at BIM-Forum with the topic "The big hype BIM" and reported from practical experience of OOS. OOS is one of the leading Swiss companies regarding BIM. link OOS-slides
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